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Psychological counselling is available in English language too.


You can either come with problems regarding

  • your everyday life, too much stress or anxiety
  • your studies, anxiety before exams, lack of motivation
  • procrastination, time management or
  • your studies and exams
  • inefficient learning methods.

Besides learning many interesting learning methods, you can also try relaxation (Autogenic Training) in order to reduce your stress level.

Types of counselling:

  • Individual work (counsellor and one client)
  • Group work where the counsellor leads or facilitates the group


About us:

We are counselling psychologist, working at the Károli University, Semmelweis University and at the University of Eötvös Loránd.

Contact us:

Anna Mersdorf   +36 70 396 78 23  mersdorf@aktivtrening.hu


Where to go: Budapest, VII. district, Klauzál str. 31. (10 minutes ealk from Deák Ferenc square). See the map here.

Our standard fee for counselling in English is 12.000 HUF + VAT (approx. 40 EUR + VAT) per consulation hour.

The amount of VAT is 27%.